Month: April 2017

  • Wanda Smith, CEO of Symphony Placements, participates in Piranha Tank reality investment show in Washington DC.

    Symphony Placements CEO, Wanda Smith, recently participated in the Washington DC Piranha Tank reality show as a Piranha investor.  The show is designed to match entrepreneurs with potential investors, but there is a proverbial catch!  Each idea or concept that is pitched to the investors must have a socially or environmentally sustainable connection.  So, by […]

  • Symphony Placements support local businesses.

    Symphony Placements is proud to support local businesses through a number of initiatives.  Here are a few ways we have recently been engaged with the business community. Symphony Placements is a proud supporter of AHA Business Radio Symphony Placements is a proud sponsor of AHA Business Radio, a weekly program dedicated to providing information to […]

  • Casey Cares Champion of Children Award

    Casey Cares Foundation names CEO Wanda Smith as the 2017 “Champion of Children” award recipient! Casey Cares Foundation has named Wanda Smith, CEO of Symphony Placements, along with the Baltimore Ravens as the 2017 Champion of Children award recipients. Wanda first volunteered with Casey Cares, after watching a segment of the TV reality show Secret […]