Author: Denise Buchman

  • Executive Assistant Job Description

    Becoming an executive assistant isn’t easy. But once you’ve attained the position, keeping it requires excellent communication skills, the ability to multitask effectively, and a helpful spirit. Below are a few of the skills necessary for an average executive assistant job description. Be a good listener. An important part of any administrative assistant’s job, no […]

  • Temp Agencies: Growing in Popularity

    Temp Agencies: Growing in Popularity

    With the job market becoming increasingly competitive and requirements becoming stricter, temp agencies have begun to grow in popularity. Not only first time job seekers, but veterans of the professional world have come to temp agencies in the hopes of finding regular work. While many companies struggle in the current economy, temp agencies continue to […]

  • How to be a Standout Candidate at a Staffing Agency

    When you choose to partner with a staffing agency to find work, there is a certain level of healthy competition that arises between potential candidates as the agency works to place each individual in the best job possible. The competition is unavoidable, but being a standout candidate is great for hitting the ground running with […]

  • Why TOP Companies Use Staffing Services

    Why TOP Companies Use Staffing Services

    Writing job descriptions, posting job openings, reading resumes, and interviewing and vetting candidates must all be done before an employee is selected from a small pool of peers and hired. Staffing services are useful to companies because they cut out the work, supplying suitable employees for temporary or long-term hire. The following are a few […]