Marta Chavatel Awarded Executive Management Award SmartCEO Baltimore

VP Business Development and Operations EMA Awards SmartCEO 2015
VP Business Development and Operations EMA Awards SmartCEO 2015

Symphony Placements knows it takes a village to create an award winning team for our clients and employees!

Wanda Smith, CEO and Founder of Symphony Placements is proud to announce Marta Chavatel VP of Business Development & Operations (her right hand in business and team development for the past 4 years) has been awarded as a 2015 Executive Management Award Winner by Baltimore SmartCEO Magazine!  Marta is a go to resource in recruitment, team development and successfully assessing placements for our clients.

Symphony Placements will be celebrating along with clients and staff at the Westin BWI on March 19, 2015 6pm – Stay tune for updates on our Facebook Page and Twitter Page.  To learn more about the EMA Awards and SmartCEO Programs and Leadership with CEO’s click here.   We salute the 50 winners in Baltimore representing leadership and accomplishments of the regions all stars in management!

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