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  • Myths and Facts about Staffing Agencies

    While staffing agencies are becoming more popular, there are still a number of myths surrounding them. Many people simply do not know what staffing agencies do, so they make ill-informed guesses and false conclusions. The following are a few of the most prevalent myths about staffing agencies and their corresponding facts. Temporary placements aren’t real […]

  • Staffing Firms Provide Larger Net to Attract Top Talent

    If you’ve ever hired new employees, you know how small the hiring pool can be. Traditional hiring methods shrink the pool even further, extending the hiring process and making it difficult to find the right person. Staffing agencies use a diverse set of strategies that casts a much larger net for attracting the best talent. […]

  • How Staffing Agencies Can Lead You to a Long-Term Job

    How Staffing Agencies Can Lead You to a Long-Term Job

    Staffing Agencies While staffing agencies are often synonymous with temporary job placement, many companies rely on them for more than temp work. A lot of companies use staffing services to hire temporary employees for the same reason job-seekers themselves do. Each party benefits from using staffing companies; employers and job seekers get to “try” each […]

  • Millennials Will Become the Largest Hiring Pool in History: Is Your Company Ready?

    The Baby Boomer generation is in the process of retiring. They were the largest generation so far to dominate the hiring pool; but recent research shows that Millennials, who are about to hit the mid-career level, have taken over the ranks as the largest hiring pool in history. This is great news for companies looking […]