Month: November 2021

  • Interview Questions You Need to Know

    Interview Questions You Need to Know

    Some interview questions are recycled endlessly, from one interview to the next. Being well-acquainted with and ready to answer the most common questions frees your mind to think harder about the unusual ones an interviewer may throw your way. Get out your pen and paper and start brainstorming answers to these commonly asked interview questions […]

  • Climbing the Ladder: Get Your Foot in the Door With Temporary Staffing

    Climbing the Ladder: Get Your Foot in the Door With Temporary Staffing

    There are a lot of companies that look to temporary staffing firms for most of their hiring needs. They have established relationships with these firms and they trust their judgment on candidates. This is beneficial to job seekers because they can gain access to companies where it otherwise may have been difficult to get a […]

  • Why Employment Agencies Want to Put Workers in the Most Suitable Jobs

    One false impression of employment agencies is that they simply place workers in positions as soon as they become available. Employment agencies actually take a great deal of time and care in placing an employee in a position. This is because they want that employee to succeed and become a long-term staff member for the […]

  • An Employment Agency is a Good Resource for New Nursing Grads

    Nursing is a popular career for many young professionals. With efficient college programs, fresh graduates can land financially secure jobs within a few months of graduation. However, the nursing business is highly competitive among new graduates, and job searching can take much longer than expected. Though nursing careers are in high supply, they’re also in […]