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  • 10 Best Interview Questions

    10 Best Interview Questions

    10 Best Interview Questions Headhunters and human resource staffers conduct numerous interviews. Over the years, the process of weeding out the bulk of candidates has become more complex, but basic interview questions remain consistent. The following are ten good interview questions for getting the clearest picture of a potential employee: 1. Are you qualified for […]

  • How Temporary Jobs Can Boost Your Career

    How Temporary Jobs Can Boost Your Career

    Temporary jobs can seem like fruitless endeavors to some people, but with further investigation, these opportunities can be important steps in finding your dream job. These positions can help fill a gap during times of unemployment, help job seekers get a feel for a new work environment, and possibly lead to a permanent new position […]

  • The Perks of Accounting Jobs

    The Perks of Accounting Jobs

    THE PERKS OF ACCOUNTING JOBS Accounting jobs can seem monotonous sometimes, but when you stop and consider the perks of this career, there are several benefits that make the job worthwhile. Accountants typically work a set weekly schedule, make a good salary, receive benefits, and provide an opportunity for growth. For many people, the perks […]

  • How Temporary Employment Agencies Place Job Seekers

    Placing Job Seekers One misconception regarding temporary employment agencies is that they simply place employees into open positions on a first come, first serve basis. This is rarely the case, as most temporary employment agencies take care to match their employees with the jobs that are best suited to their experience and abilities. This practice […]