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Smart Growth Wanda Smith I95 Business Cover Story – News

Smart Growth Wanda Smith I95 Business Cover Story

Wanda Smith Founder CEO Symphony Placements

Smart Growth is Wanda Smith!  Learn how Wanda lead her team at Symphony Placements to be one of the top flexible staffing firms in the region. Featured as the Cover Story  I95 Business Magazine February 2016.

Leading a business in a very competitive industry has lead Wanda Smith to align with a highly experienced staff and employ smart growth strategies. Certifying Symphony Placements as a women owned MBE from the start proved to be one of her wisest decisions.   Wanda shares how she navigated challenges over the past 10 years, expanded to Virginia and created a new IT Staffing Services Division.

Staffing Stats at a Glance:

-3.32 million people per week in U.S. work in temporary staffing

-$30.69 million economic impact, 3Q 2015

-$17/hour average wage for temps

-76% work full time comparable to overall workforce

-49% say it’s the best way to get permanent job

-93 percent of orders for temp to full were hired full time by Symphony Placements’ clients

Read the full article here and meet the entire Symphony Placements Team!