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Symphony Placements Expands to West Coast – Seattle Call Center – News

Symphony Placements Expands to West Coast – Seattle Call Center

sp-seattleSymphony Placements is on the move!  One of the key to our team’s success is our relationships with our clients.  Bringing harmony to clients workplace and staffing recruitment is key to our growth in our 10 year history.

We are happy to announce a partnership with a large national provider who has trusted our services locally in call center staffing.  Wanda Smith and Marta Chavatel are pleased to announce Symphony Placements has secured placements in Seattle, Washington in September!  With our company positioned as a WOSB we are attracting large scale partners who have a requirement with women owned federally certified staffing providers.

In January 2016, Symphony Placements was certified WOSB and locally we are expanding in Virginia with our Maryland reciprocal MBE WBE.

Learn more how diversification certifications can benefit your organization and let our team bring harmony to your staffing in 2016 and beyond.