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  • Learn How to Land an Administrative Assistant Job

    Becoming an administrative assistant requires talent in a variety of areas. Good typing and active listening skills along with the ability to take dictation and communicate effectively are integral to this position. The following are skills and traits vital to becoming an administrative assistant. Ability to multitask. Administrative assistants are responsible for a wide variety […]

  • What It Takes To Work In The Legal Field

    What It Takes To Work In The Legal Field

    5 Key Factors For The Legal Field Finding a job in the legal field is a trying process, full of rejections and disappointments. There are many different specialties and opportunities job seekers don’t apply to, often neglecting fields they are most qualified for. The legal industry is one highly competitive example, and firms have the […]

  • How Temp Jobs Become Long-term Careers

    Some temp jobs are more desirable than others, either due to working conditions, compensation, or the level of skill required to perform. High demand temp jobs may necessitate a little extra work to acquire, but they’re worth it. These are the top three temp jobs, their requirements, and why they’re so widely sought after. Administrative […]

  • What is in the Administrative Assistant Job Description?

    Being an administrative assistant involves a great deal of typing, phone calls, dictation, and organization. Knowing exactly what is expected of an administrative assistant is important to determining whether you are a good fit for the position. The following is a list of the tasks most commonly performed by an administrative assistant: Make and manage […]